• Lamborghini joins the green bandwagon by using solar panels

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    Lamborghini is not just a good car-maker, they are also great thinkers for humanity. They proved that by announcing that the products coming out of the factory vow to reduce CO2 to 35% by 2015 by adding solar power to their factory they will install a 17,000 square meter solar array to its factory roof that, when completed later this year, will generate 1,582 MWh of electricity annually. Changes will be made inside the plant to improve insulation, lighting, and climate control as part of a broader effort to lower factory-related CO2 emissions 30 percent by 2010.

    Engineers are also planning on expanding the use of technology like the direct injection that debuted on the Gallardo LP560-4 last year by improving on combustion, weight reduction, auto start/stop systems, hybrid drive and biofuel use.