• Kyoto Box soaks sun to cook and also win a $75,000 prize

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    We certainly didn’t miss reporting about the most eco-friendly, fundamental yet effective Kyoto Box last month. Then, we told you about the design and working of this cheap, solar-powered cardboard cooker. Today, it is time to honor this $5-$6 eco-friendly cooker for winning a prize of $75,000 prize for ideas to fight global warming. Jon Bohmer’s invention, Kyoto Box, is named after the United Nations’ Kyoto Protocol that seeks to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. Aimed at billions of people who use firewood to cook, it also makes it easier to boil polluted water. Humble and green, the Kyoto Box outshone at the FT Climate Change Challenge.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on April 9, 2009