• Japan’s solar-energy industry continues to grow

  • Japan has begun leaning on cleaner sources of energy and as per a recent move, Japanese power companies will now require to source energy only from renewable sources, which in turn has given impetus to the industry as several new players have begun sprouting up for a fortune in green energy. Kyoto has recently welcomed a new solar centre while Nippon Crucible Co Ltd is busy drawing plans for a PV power generation facility Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. And that’s not all. Mori Trust Holdings Inc and The Japan Wool Textile Co Ltd have also begun installing photovoltaic arrays at golf courses and have jumped aboard the solar-energy brigade. And to top it all, coal mine operator and construction material vendor Mitsui Matsushima Co Ltd is now planning to install 2MW panels, giving Japan a push towards its green-energy goals.

    [Techon-Nikkeibp and Phys]

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