• Jaguar’s new plant now sports UK’s largest rooftop solar array!

  • jaguar-solar-arrayOne of the biggest automobile manufacturers hailing from the United Kingdom, Jaguar Land Rover, has recently taken a step towards energy efficiency. The company has topped its new plant in South Staffordshire with the largest rooftop solar array in the UK! The company’s Engine Manufacturing Centre now plays home to more than 21,000 photovoltaic panels on its roof. The solar panels have a joint capacity of 5.8 MW and Jaguar plans to increase this to at least 6.3 MW soon!

    The super sized installation will meet 30 percent of the Engine Manufacturing Centre’s energy requirements. That said, the array will also reduce this Jaguar plant’s CO2 footprint by over 2,400 tonnes (2645.5 tons) annually. A commendable effort indeed by the British automaker, Jaguar Land Rover deserves three cheers!

    [Via – Gizmag]

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