• IMPLUX omni-directional wind energy generating system, a wind farm on urban roofs

  • IMPLUX.jpg
    Generating wind energy in urban environments isn’t all that easy. Now we’ve seen a few vertical wind turbines before. Here’s yet another one that could help catch the every running winds for our electrical uses. Wind energy doesn’t necessarily have to stay limited to humongous wind turbines and wind farms, not when you have the IMPLUX system around. Designed by Varan Sureshan, the IMPLUX is basically an omni-directional turbine that uses the outer covering to direct the wind flow to an aerofoil propeller rotor. The rotor spins and electricity is generated! Owing to the circular shape of the IMPLUX, wind blowing in from just about any direction can be used to generate electricity, and is not restricted to just one wind direction.

    A revolutionary design that could help us generate wind energy on our roof-tops, the IMPLUX takes the cake when it comes to urban-style wind energy generation systems.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on May 13, 2011