• IKEA unveils Minnesota’s largest solar array with 4316 photovoltaic panels

  • Furniture retailer IKEA has just unveiled Minnesota’s largest solar array, capable of generating enough energy to power up a 100 homes annually! Propped up on the roof of the retail giant’s Twin Cities store in Bloomington, this array is part of IKEA’s Solar Panel Initiative and is one of the company’s 31 solar projects. With the store covering nearly 142,000 square feet, IKEA has put into place 4316 solar panels in all to power up its facility and lighten its carbon footprint substantially. The array will help IKEA displace the CO2 equivalent of nearly 157 cars on an annual basis and is an inspiration to other large retail chains to step towards greener energy sources to power up.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 29, 2012