• Hydroleaf bus shelter powered by solar energy with a water dispenser

  • Hydroleaf-bus-shelter-1.jpg
    Waiting for a bus could just be a better experience in future, especially if you’re waiting below a Hydroleaf. Essentially a bus shelter, this one uses a bunch of solar panels integrated up there to collect solar juice which is used to power up its lights, making it a street lamp too. The rain catchments system is hooked on to a water dispenser too, to quench your thirst while you await the next bus. The brains behind this design, Iranian Industrial Design student Mostafa Bonakdar designed this one for developing arid areas, complete with a water collection tank neatly fitted into the pole.

    A solar power collection system, a bus shelter, a street lamp, a water dispenser and a rain-water collection system combined, the Hydroleaf sure is an example of great design and thoughtful use of space and technology.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 31, 2010