• Gym workouts serve clean electricity with Green Revolution

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    While most of us simply waste the energy that we burn while working out at out local gym, environmentalist, Jay Whelan, chalked out an innovative technology to power up a gym by converting human energy into green electricity. Called as the Green Revolution, this out-of-the-box idea enables the patrons of Ridgefield Fitness Club to juice up their gym with clean energy. Being the first gym to apply such an eco-friendly concept, its cycling studio, comprising of 17 indoor cycles, is connected to the club’s electrical grid through an inverter. This allows the usage of human electricity throughout the whole club. Furthermore, any excess electricity can be tapped for other purposes. It is also estimated that a standard health club could produce enough electricity to light 72 homes for one month.

    Hey, I am lucky to live in an apartment that is at a stone’s throw from the local gym. I wonder if I too can promote such a green alternative energy concept to the gym owners and hook my house off the local electrical grid. I don’t mind working out a bit extra every day too. It will help me shape up faster and also trim my electricity bills.
    A smart application of kinetic energy, this technology has the potential to change the health club industry by helping to make the environment cleaner and greener while promoting a healthy lifestyle.