• Growing crops on solar-power farms works as a win-win situation!

  • solar-farmLet’s not deny it. Solar plants are a space-taking affair and many a times, most areas don’t have enough space to house these renewable-energy-generating facilities. The Stanford scientists have therefore come up with a way to save space and integrate photovoltaic farms with agricultural areas! A system like this works as a boon for areas like southwestern United States where water is scarce. The system proposed by the scientists will allow solar farms not only to collect sunlight for electricity but also to produce crops for biofuels.

    While photovoltaic solar panels soak in the sun, water is required to keep them free from dust and dirt. Water is also used to keep the ground beneath these panels damp, to prevent a buildup of dust. Growing crops near these panels could help use the runoff water for juicing greenery, which in turn will keep the soil in place and reduce dust winds! The researchers have also stated that growing prickly plants will work as an added advantage, since these can be used to make biofuels!

    [Via – E-Science-News]

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on April 18, 2014