• Green Pass Turnstile generates energy to power subway station lights

  • Kinetic-energy-powered-turnstile-1.jpg
    Now here’s something really innovative that we probably haven’t seen or thought about before. Every time you go down to use the subway, you pass those transit turnstiles. Millions of people use the subway everyday, crossing these turnstiles every now and then. The VIVA Design Team at the Guangdong Guangdong University in China came up with the idea of harnessing energy from these turnstiles, every time they’re used. Known as the Green Pass Turnstile, this one’s just a concept design for now, and has won the first prize at Taiwan’s 2010 Lite-On awards. No news as to how exactly it will work though; probably using the kinetic energy from the turnstiles motion.

    An innovative idea indeed, this one might just help generate a little power, enough o power up LED lamps at subway stations in future.
    Via – [Designlaunches]

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