• Green Energy Machine squeezes energy out of garbage

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    Instead of resorting to tap the nature for providing alternative energy, doesn’t it make sense to squeeze out energy from the trash that we generate? IST Energy’s Green Energy Machine (GEM) is just the right system to transform your building’s trash into electricity and heat. Though you may need a little extra space to house this shipping container-size contraption, it will certainly help to cut down on your electricity bills as well as trash disposable charges. Instead of burning the trash it uses gasification, a process that overall pollutes less than combustion. Spreading over almost three parking spaces, it is ideal for office buildings, hospitals, and the like. Except recyclable metal and glass, everything else like food, cardboard, plastics, agricultural wastes is churned to into usable energy. It is reported that with three tons of trash a day, a unit can provide about 120 kilowatts of electricity and about double that in heat for a 200,000 square-foot building holding about 500 people.

    The only deterrent is the whopping cost of $850,000 to house this trash-to-energy converter giant. Read here to know exactly how its churns out energy from garbage.
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