• Gotwind – A Green PowerStation for hungry mobiles

  • Orange Green power2.jpg
    Batteries dying out at multi-day events are not an unfamiliar sight today, but simply having a conventional power dispenser is not an easy option for event managers. To keep mobile phone users from avoiding such events, Mobile Operator Orange is working with a renewable energy company Gotwind, the recharge Pod is an evolution of the Orange portable wind charger, tested at 2007’s Glastonbury Festival. The recharge Pod will be stationed within the Pennard Hill camping grounds at Glastonbury and will be a free service allowing all festival goers to charge their mobile phones throughout the weekend. Over 7 meters in height, the free standing “recharge Pod” is a self sufficient unit that supports a wind generator and solar panels and can charge up to 100 mobile phones per hour.

    It is estimated that the Orange recharge pod will charge thousands of mobile phones over the course of the 3 day festival. The recharge pod will be freestanding, self sufficient, wind and solar powered with the capacity to charge up to one hundred mobiles a year.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on June 19, 2008