• GM’s “Volt Unplugged” to unveil Envision Solar CleanCharge Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  • chevy-volt-envision.jpg
    The concept of electric vehicles was created to reduce dependencies on fossil fuels and ensure lesser atmospheric pollutants. But a lot of electricity is needed to power such vehicles and its done using power connections. And to take this concept to a greener level, General Motors have roped in the services of Envision Solar International, Inc., to bring in the CleanCharge, a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station which has the EnvisionTrak tracking Solar Trees mounted on them. The unit will be set up for the General Motors “Volt Unplugged” tour at the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) in San Diego as an electric charging station.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on October 22, 2010