• Giant sea snakes to provide power for 50,000 homes

  • anaconda.jpg
    I know the title seems weird and animal lovers will be behind our backs because of this statement but these are not real snakes. A company called Checkmate is testing 200m long rubber devices which would be tethered to the sea bed and are designed in such a way that they swim against the current to produce up to 1MW of power each. These waves will cause a bulge to ripple down the length of the anacondas and power turbines at the tails. If this is successful you are talking about powering at least 50,000 UK homes in another 5 years time!

    Checkmate is crossing its fingers that these would become commercial by 2014. These are designed by Professor Rod Rainey.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on May 7, 2009