• German tank armory turned into a solar powered school

  • Armory.jpgIts time we drop the guns and work towards a better and greener future. An armory in Germany did so, in Wolfhagen, quickly changing colors and pushing out the guns to play home to learning and education instead. The armory has been converted into a school, and not just any, a green solar powered one. Earlier a tank armory, the place was given an overhaul with the roof going translucent with thin-film solar panels. Around 5000 square meters of roof space integrate 7160 solar panels with a 1 micron-thick profile, semi-translucent and letting in natural lighting. The array on the roof is capable of generating as much as 220kW and is currently one of the largest in Europe!

    Also, the green colored building looks eco-friendly too, thanks to its coat of fresh lime green paint. This one truly is a green way to learning.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 29, 2010