• Garbage vans in UK get their juice from the trash collected

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    As the trend of resorting to alternative energy is gaining ground, it isn’t surprising to come across a trash van that is actually powered by the garbage it collects. Folks residing in Yorkshire can watch this green self powered garbage van in action. Developed by Smith Electric Vehicles, the Kirklees Council believes that these battery powered electric trucks are supposed to be the first of its kind. These zero-emission vans will clear waste from 25 newly-installed split litter and recycling bins around Huddersfiled town centre. And what cannot be recycled will be transported to the local Energy from Waste (EfW) plant. Here the remaining trash will be combusted to generate electricity that can again juice up the van’s battery. Such a trash disposable system helps to save fuel and raises the awareness of the benefits of alternative energies.

    The long-lasting battery can also run up to 100 miles on one fill-up. It is also completely recyclable.