• Galaxy Resources to have mine completely powered by renewable in Western Australia

  • windpower-yahoo.jpg To be the first of its kind in Australia, Galaxy Resources, a Western Australian mining firm is busy drawing plans for a mine powered completely by renewable energy! Currently, the Mt Cattlin lithium mine belonging to Galaxy Resources uses solar tracking panels developed by Swan Energy that provide for 15% of the mine’s energy requirements. The array set is set up 540km from Perth, near Ravensthorpe and helps the company save 200 tons of carbon emissions on a yearly basis. That’s not all. Up ahead, the firm plans to install wind turbines, each capable of generating 1.2 megawatts, to exploit the ever-blowing winds in the area. Shifting away from regular fuels like diesel and coal used on a large basis to power up mines in Western Australia that spew out a load of pollution, Galaxy Resources is making every effort to clean up its mining activities.

    Solar tracking systems have put the worries of previously-sceptical companies to rest, with increased reliability and better conversion efficiencies.

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