• Floating solar energy soon to be a reality in India with Tata Power

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    Wind turbines have been spotted offshore, far out in the sea, spinning to the beat of the wind and generating electricity. Solar panels looking up adoringly at the sun and soaking in the juice, offshore, isn’t so much of a common site though. Having floating solar panels in water bodies does seem to be a pretty practical idea indeed, given that solar collection fields take up quite a few valuable acres. Instead, the water surface provides for a better place to generate some clean and green electricity. Floating solar panels will soon dot the off-shore India, with Tata Power joining hands with Australian firm Sunergy to develop a floating solar energy plant or a Liquid Solar Array.

    A great way to put a water body’s surface to use, these floating solar panels will help bring in clean and renewable energy to Indian homes.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on March 29, 2011