• Flexible thin-film solar panels to make harnessing solar energy more affordable

  • thinfilm solar panel.jpg
    Major drawbacks in using silicone panels to harness solar energy are their cost and their bulky nature. However, very soon these may be problems of the past. Recently developed technology to produce thin-film solar panels can make them flexible so that they could be rolled up into sheets and laid out on a roof without being very apparent. In recent years, the cost of using solar panels has reduced as their efficiency has increased. According to Abound Solar, a company based in Colorado, thin-film solar panels can be used to generate energy at $1 per watt, which is very low when compared the effective cost of $4 per watt while using silicone solar panels.

    Though thin-film solar panels aren’t as effective as silicone solar panels, which can harness about 20.3% of the total energy incident on them, efforts are going on to increase their efficiency so that using solar energy can be more convenient and affordable.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on April 6, 2010