• Flexible solar panels will be available in December

  • nueber_bag.jpgIn just another 3 or 4 months you could be carrying a bag that will be able to charge your mobile, iPod or even your laptop. Konarka Technologies has launched the Power Plastic 20 series that are a new line of solar panels for portable charging applications. The solar company has developed a flexible photovoltaic material that converts light into energy. This can be used in carrying bags, cafĂ© umbrellas and battery chargers for lighting, mobile phones and other mobile devices.

    The Plastic Power 20 series has three solar panels, Power Plastic 120 which has 1 watt, Power Plastic 320 having 3 watts and Power Plastic 620 having 7 watts. These panels come in varying sizes and can come with or without the integrated connectors that has to be used to connect the panels into a manufacturer’s product or device.

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