• First hybrid power station goes live in Israel

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    The world’s first solar-hybrid power plant has been installed in Israel to fulfill energy needs. The power plant is composed of 30 solar reflectors and a flower shaped tower. The plant switches to gas-powered turbines after dark to keep the system producing power 24 hours a day. Another very noticeable feature is that, it uses relatively very small space and can also power remote areas that are connected to larger grids.

    The 30 efficient heliostats track the sun throughout the day and bounce the sun’s rays directly at the tower. The solar receiver converts these focused rays into solar thermal energy that in turn powers a mini turbine. When the sky is cloudy or when the sun sets, the turbine can run on biodiesel, natural gas or biogas, which is again green. The first plant in Israel will flip its switch on June 24th and will be providing power to atleast 70 homes. These kind of technologies will definitely help power the developing world.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on June 15, 2009