• Europe pushes through a record year in wind power

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    The wind sure is blowing hard, especially in Europe, which is making the best use of it. This could be a year in the record books for Europe if the rate of wind power developments continue as it is at present. 118 offshore wind turbines totaling up to 333 MW showed up in Europe in the first half of the year itself. Adding to that, 16 offshore wind farms with 3,972 MW are being constructed. By June 30th, Europe had 948 offshore wind turbines in 43 fully operational offshore wind farms pushing up the continents wind generation capacity to a sweet 2,396 MW. Siemens had 55% of the offshore wind turbines connected to the grid, while Vestas and REpower had 36% and 9% respectively.

    To make things a bit easier to fathom, the wind power development in the first half of 2010 in Europe is more than the total seen in the whole of last year! The wind sure blows the right way in Europe!

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