• Energy harvesting skin generates electricity from vibrations

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    Researchers Soobum Lee from the University of Notre Dame in the US and Byeng Youn from Seoul National University in South Korea have developed a new way to harvest vibration and thermal energy. The researchers have submitted a study recently on what is known as an EH skin. The Energy Harvesting skin allows for a power-generating skin structure that could be used for multiple applications, generating renewable energy in the bargain. The material could be used to harness piezoelectricity from structures like buildings, staircases, bridges and can also be used on the human-body itself with clothing, machines and other such places fit for piezoelectricity harvesting.

    With this, charging up our electronic devices on the go could be a lot easier than it is today, given potable piezoelectricity generators a push ahead.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on April 21, 2011