• Energy from adult diapers by a Japanese firm

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    The whole idea of producing energy from old people sounds weird and sort of morbid. But no, we aren’t talking about putting them to work in power plants. Super Faiths, a Japanese firm, came up with a recycling machine, which uses adult diapers; you heard that right, adult diapers to produce energy. These used diapers are used as fuel for biomass boilers and stoves.

    Instead of incinerating those tons of diapers from hospitals and nursing homes, these machines shred, dry and sterilize the diapers and recycle them into material for fuel pellets. Super Faiths has already installed two of these diaper recyclers in hospitals that currently gobble a combined 1,400 pounds of used paper diapers daily. The material obtained, used as fuel pellets, can be used to heat up roads, water and homes. This one sure is a peculiar idea, but seriously practical.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on May 4, 2010