• Energy efficient water purification systems by Trunz Water Systems use renewable energy

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    Trunz Water Systems is here to make sure the water you use is pure and potable, using environment friendly and energy efficient sustainable methods. The firm has developed some pretty cutting edge purification systems, like the innovative system that cleans up water using solar energy and wind energy. These systems are all small and compact and easily transportable. They require minimal maintenance too. The systems work best at relief camps, where power supply is nil and clean water is required. These systems using renewable energy resources help remove chemicals and salt from the water. They also boast a low energy consumption and can generate a bit of additional energy to power up small devices too.

    Trunz Water Systems also developed a trailer that can quickly produce that crystal clear glass of water even under the harshest of conditions. The trailer can be hooked on to a four-wheel drive vehicle and transported just about anywhere. Clean drinking water Is now a lot more accessible, thanks to Trunz Water Systems!

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