• Energy efficient hotel, the H2Otel in Amsterdam powered by water

  • 6.jpgAmsterdam might just play host to a super green and luxurious hotel. This on uses neither the grid, nor the usual renewable energy sources we come across, like the wind and the sun. The H2Otel designed by Netherlands-based architecture firms RAU and Powerhouse Company is powered by water instead. This hotel is a prototype and an example for hoteliers around, using a very different system developed, that integrates the use of water as an energy source for everything from for heating, cooling, cooking to the generation of electricity. Besides its watery act, the hotel also features a host of other energy efficient strategies, making it greener and cleaner, like a passive design, smart fixtures and appliances and advanced climate control systems.

    Hotels are usually energy-sucking monsters that go to any lengths to keep all their lights glowing, for the sake of luxury and convenience to their guests. The air-conditioning is an immortal machine that never ceases to function, which does burn away all those precious loads of energy. An energy efficient one like the H2Otel just makes living in one of these luxury spaces a whole lot greener.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Architecture, Tags: , on July 13, 2010