• Eco-friendly streetlights by BMW and Siemens that save fuel and time

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    Street lights get smart and eco friendly with this new development by BMW and Siemens. These lights use sensors that adjust their cycles according to road feedback. That’s not all. They can also communicate with cars nearby and inform drivers regarding traffic and road conditions. The traffic lights help vehicles use their anti-idling features to the fullest, thus saving a ton of fuel. These lights are smart enough to recognize and learn traffic patterns and adjust their own cycles for a better traffic flow.

    Such infrastructural innovations will make road travel a piece of cake hand will also help save up on all that fuel wasted while cars idle at signals. They will help reduce accidents on roads with their communications system and save a whole lot of time too by freeing gridlocked streets.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on March 20, 2010