• Eco-friendly city lights that use solar and wind energy to power up

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    Now here’s a street lamp we’d love to sit under or walk across. Eco-friendly technology is gaining impetus day by day giving rise to awesome innovations like these that will help change the way we live in future. The Sustainable City Lights concept will use solar power and wind energy to power them up instead of sucking in energy from the grid to lighten up our side walks and streets. The lights will glow only in the presence of people and will save up on energy by emitting a soft light when no ones around. They will use LED lighting technology instead of bulbs. That’s not all. These lights also mimic the action of flower buds and open and close their petal like fittings while harvesting solar and wind energy depending on the environment. Surplus energy will be sent back to the grid.

    Now that’s an awesome innovation that will help make our streets greener and more eco-friendly.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 25, 2010