• Eco-conscious Benedictine Nuns look forward to the eco-friendly monastery

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    After the Pope, it’s the nuns who intend to lead a green lifestyle now. Gaurdian reports that he Benedictine nuns of the Conventus of Our Lady of Consolation are all geared up for a greener location. An environmentally sensitive monastery is being built in the North York Moors national park for the purpose. Powered by solar panels, this monastery will also preach green with other eco-friendly features like rainwater harvesting, reedbed sewage systems, sedum roofs, recycled material, woodchip boiler and responsibly-sourced timber. Such a dwelling is in stark contrast to the current address of Stanbrook Abbey, Worcestershire that boasts of Victorian splendor.

    Dame Andrea Savage, the abbess at Stanbrook, justified this green relocation by stating that, “We’re running a big building, spending thousands of pounds that we don’t have on looking after the place and heating it with oil and gas, which isn’t good for the environment. We’re here for the monastic life and it is being impinged on.”

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 3, 2008