• Drone discovers man chilling on the top of a 200-foot tall wind turbine

  • Drone 200-foot tall wind turbine
    Some folks love being left alone. Wait a minute. It isn’t some. In fact that vast majority of this planet could do with some solitary peace and quiet. It’s the places we seek this refuge that differs. For instance, when Kevin Miller sent his drone soaring up a wind turbine, the last thing he expected to find was one search peace-seeker dozing comfortably on the top of it. But that’s what luck had in store for him. The video has surely hit the viral wave and now we’re wondering how often the man did this and how did he get up there (that’s something most of us want to know).

    Being in a wind turbine would ravel a number of mysteries for us. Are the steps round? Would that be too dizzying? Or are the straight? Wouldn’t that be too steep? Too many questions. Now to wait for our man to appear on YouTube.

    [Via – Geekologie]

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