• Data centers switch to intelligent switches

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    Not everyone knows about the massive amount of energy that is needed to keep websites online and active. In 2006 U.S. Servers and Data Centers Gobbled Up 61 billion kWh, now that’s a lot considering that most users that time didn’t go beyond checking their emails and maybe watch a few YouTube videos. Today however YouTube isn’t a recent discovery, it now has many competitors diving for attention. Microsoft Research’s Networked Embedded Computing group is working on a very promising concept: A combination of physical sensors in the server room and software algorithms to make individual computers sleep or wake up depending on demand.

    What these simply do is power down those servers that it knows isn’t used and even turn of the cooling for that area thereby reducing even more energy needs, since nearly half of the energy used is for cooling these servers.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on May 23, 2008