• CultofMac.com goes solar powered, turning to AISO.net’s green data center

  • aiso_solar_array.jpg
    The CultofMac.com no longer depends on the energy drained grid to power it up. It’s now using the help of the sun to do so instead. The website has turned 100% solar powered, using a greener and more environment-loving host, AISO.net. AISO.net operates the worlds only 100% solar powered data center, to which CultofMac.com is hooked on. AISO.net shuns the use of coal and oil, and buys no carbon offsets, instead choosing to squeeze the sun of its scorching hot energy, using solar panels.

    Everything at AISO is powered with solar power. This includes the offices, servers, air conditioning systems, networks and everything else that makes a host function. The company is carbon free, using solar arrays on its roof tops of the data center. Cooling the data center is done using low-energy, water-based air conditioning units. Wind turbines placed in air conditioning ducts will power up the office computers in future. Hopefully, other energy-sucking data centers around follow suit too.
    [Cult Of Mac]

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on June 21, 2010