• Concealed Fibre Optics Cables will it Make Easier to Tap Solar Energy in Future

  • Fibre optics cable solar energy.jpg
    Much research is being conducted to make solar energy more commercially viable for sustainable future. In one research U.S scientists have created underground photovoltaic cells which are connected to fibre optics cable whose exposed ends can tap sunlight or any light energy and conduct it to the underground panel. Another breakthrough has been then 3-D solar panel system which uses zinc coated fibre optics cable. These are major breakthrough because installing and maintaining solar panels overhead on buildings, cars, and houses are not only expensive hassle but also very unaesthetic.

    This breakthrough means there would be no need of installing overhead solar panels. One can merely hide fibre optics cables with their ends exposed to the sun on the roof of the house or car and let fibre optics cable ends capture the sunlight to change into electricity underground. 3-D solar panel system will do away the need of underground photovoltaic panel too. Will it all really be so easy to convert tapped solar energy to electricity? Its sounds too good to be true, but then science and technology have magical powers.
    Via ABC Science