• Coca-Cola’s red billboard is powered by green energy at Times Square

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    Red is the new green for the New Year……at Times Square at least. Coca-Cola Company’s green move has aided a green tinge to the red bill board at this iconic location. The company agreed to pay a 10 percent premium on its bill to select clean, renewable wind power to light up the billboard located at 47th and Broadway. Following the cola giant, the sponsors of all 29 neighboring billboards on three buildings around Times Square agreed to do the same. This green leap will lead to a reduction of about 2,056 tons of carbon dioxide per year. With the bike-powered lights and the wind powered billboards, Times Square is slated to ring in 2009 in clean green style.

    On its own, Coca-Cola’s pioneering move to 100 percent wind power for its billboard will have the equivalent effect of removing 75 passenger automobiles from the road for one year or converting 38 households to wind power for one year.
    Press release also reports that, the newest ad on the billboard, starting on New Year’s Eve, will be Coca-Cola’s “Refresh. Recycle. Repeat.” touting the Company’s long-term goal to recycle or reuse 100 percent of the aluminum beverage cans and PET plastic bottles it sells in the U.S.

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