• Coca-Cola powers African grocery kiosks with solar energy

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    One of the world’s most popular cola manufacturers, Coca-Cola, is bringing greener technology to Africa in order to secure its stance in the African market. The company has joined hands with One Degree Solar to bring solar energy to grid-free grocery kiosks. This in turn will allow these kiosks to stay open for longer hours and increase the sales of Coca-Cola. Using One Degree Solar’s BrightBulb solar kits, thousands of grocery kiosks across Kenya will be powered by solar energy and offer refreshments after the sun has set.

    In a press release, One Degree Solar founder Gaurav Manchanda said, “Most of our customers in Kenya are families without electricity at home, and it is great to see the system lead to such significant benefits for small business owners as well. It is exciting to see these entrepreneurs able to stay open longer and earn more, especially as their kiosks are often the only location in their neighborhoods with lights at night.”

    [Via – Fastcompany]

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