• CloudSolar enables people to own and monitor solar panels set up remotely

  • cloudsolarWhile installing a solar panel at home and using the sun’s juice to power up your television might sound like a great idea, the task of setting up a system like this isn’t always as simple. Often, people interested in solar energy are faced with hurdles like angled roofs and improperly structured terraces that are a hostile environment for solar panels. To make things easier, a Boston-based startup called CloudSolar has come up with a solution!

    The company allows folks to buy solar panels on a farm that will be set up and operational by 2016. 80% proceeds created by the panels over the next 25 years will be shared with the solar panel owners! To make the whole process more transparent, owners can check the amount of energy generated by their solar panels via an app. Founded by a team including two electrical engineering Ph.D. candidates; CloudSolar is currently raising funds for the concept on Indiegogo.

    [Via – Techcrunch]

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on March 31, 2015