• Clock that works on human power

  • There have been loads of products that work on alternate forms of energy in an effort to save our environment. Use of solar power, wind power, hydro power is common to juice various products like cars, lights, phones and even office buildings and stadiums! However, the use of human power in an effort to save energy is unusual. And incredible and weird as it may sound, artist Mark Formanek designed a watch that runs on… human power. This watch is manually operated and the digits of the clock are to be moved manually, every hour, every minute. With a team of seventy assistants, Mark Formanek had this wooden “digital” clock set up at the Rotterdam train station. The digits were changed continuously for 24 hours by workers. A painstaking operation though it may be; this clock is unique in its
    energy use!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 21, 2009