• Chillwind Marks Winds of Change with Rebranding

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    Wind monitoring experts Chillwind have redesigned their brand to coincide with their partnership with renewable energy company Dulas, after the company was acquired by Dulas last year.
    With 25 years of experience in wind research behind them, the partnership is sure to see further advances in the technology of renewable energy.

    Managing director of Chillwind Richard Tarves said of the partnership: “Chillwind and Dulas have enjoyed a long and successful working relationship and we were delighted to formalise this partnership by becoming part of the Dulas group of companies last year.
    “The rebrand is symbolic of the integration of the two teams, retaining both the Chillwind name and elements of the Dulas logo to recognise the pedigree of both companies.
    “Our unrivalled experience of wind monitoring in all terrains will support further growth in overseas operations, which already includes supply and installation of wind monitoring equipment across three continents”, he said.

    Wind Measurement: the right tools for the job
    Chillwind’s specialist masts as designed to withstand harsh conditions, and allow for the collection of important data sets and wind monitoring. The company was the first to successfully construct 70m tilt-up met masts in 2003. Today, they are able to offer tubular masts of 90m and lattice masts measuring up to 160m.

    Designed by Second Wind, the Triton Sonic Wind Profiler is also an invaluable tool in wind data capture. Dulas and Chillwind are able to distribute these tools to wind farm sites to ensure optimum energy is being captured by wind turbines, and monitor the performance of wind farms.
    The advance SoDAR system allows wind data to be read from above the rotor tip-height of large wind turbines, and is able to capture data regarding anomalies and changes in speed, direction and turbulence.

    Given that the unit requires only 7 watts to run, and is powered by two solar panels, it is able to run continuously without being attended. It’s a very ecological way of reading the potential performance of wind farms.

    Chief Executive Officer of Dulas, Sanjay Bowry, said: “Dulas has a long and successful relationship with Chillwind and we are excited to have further strengthened this partnership through the acquisition.

    “The integrating of products and services from both companies further strengthens our wind monitoring offering and demonstrates our commitment to expanding our wind division in response to growing demand for wind power solutions across the UK and Europe in line with client requirements.”

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