• Chicago’s first solar powered electric charging station

  • solar power chargin station.jpg
    It’s fine and green to drive around in an electric vehicle and re-charge the same from an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. But it can get greener when you can juice up the e-vehicles from a solar powered EV charging station. So Chicago based Carbon Day Automotive unveiled the first solar-powered electric vehicle charging station in the City of Chicago. Dubbed, Solar Plug-In Station it sports solar panels that form a tree-like canopy. While a sculpted piece conceals an underground battery pack which assists in storing the solar energy. The grid stores the sun’s energy, a renewable resource, to power zero emission electric vehicles. Simply plug in the electric vehicle to the ChargePoint which is actually an electric vehicle recharging system that is the size of a parking meter and can be free standing or mounted on a pole or wall.

    Since the City of Chicago boasts numerous electric cars, such a charging station will be optimized and will soon be the biggest user of the EV station.
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