• Chewing Gum Battery Concept dispenses paper RFID batteries for quick charges while outdoors

  • Running out of charge while outdoors can be a downright frustrating and infuriating event, and more often than not, looking for a charging port away from home isn’t all that simple. Designer Ping-Yi Link has come up with a fantastic way for those outdoors looking for a quick charge to rejoice their gadgets. Called the Chewing Gum Battery Concept, this solar-powered dispensing machine basically dishes out paper batteries which can be used to give your device a quick energy boost. Once used, these RFID paper batteries can be tossed inside the accompanying recycling bin. Essentially an eco-friendly way to juicing up your device while outdoors, this one’s designed for tourist spots and college campuses and dispenses paper batteries of different voltages.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 30, 2012