• Cheap, solar-power Kyoto Box cooker for rural Africa

  • Kyoto_Box.jpg
    If you are smart enough, it’s always good to invent smart and efficient things for people to use in lesser extravagant surroundings. Jon Bohmer has invented a cheap, solar-powered cardboard cooker for rural Africa called the Kyoto Box. This invention can apparently help prevent two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per family per year. It consists of two cardboard boxes with an acrylic cover. This allows the sun’s power to come in and not leave. A layer of straw or newspaper between the boxes provides insulation, while black paint on the interior and the foil on the exterior help ion preserving the heat.

    The Kyoto Box costs just $5 and can be produced at any cardboard factory. Also on the cards are a more durable model made from recycled plastic. The main aim of this is to reduce health problems in the rural villages while also avoiding carbon dioxide emissions.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on March 20, 2009