• Charge up your electric car on the go with Nation-E’s Angel Car Mobile Service Unit

  • Angel.jpgNo longer do you need to worry too much about your lovable EV running out of charge while outdoors, if you live in North America. Nation-E, a Swiss based company that plays a bigger hand in smart meters, energy storage, and load leveling solutions came up with mobile EV chargers. Known as the Angel Car Mobile Service Unit, these systems will integrate a 230 volt charger that can fill up your EV in just around 15 minutes with enough energy to drive nearly 19 miles! The unit can be easily fitted onto service cars, making charging facilities for electric cars more accessible.

    This innovative development by Nation-E has sure sent all those worries of EVs running out of charge right out the window. Now, driving an electric car is indeed a greener and more practical option.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Transport, Tags: on September 14, 2010