• Changi Airport goes green with reduced energy consumption and increased waste water recycling

  • Changi.jpgSingapore’s Changi Airport has been putting on a green skin since the last time we came across it, with its Green Market. The airport has now gone a lot greener and is busy making ways to reduce energy consumption and increase waste recycling. The Changi Airport Group has set up a plan, Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 standards, and announced the targets it has set to achieve at the ‘Changi Goes Green’ road show. As part of the initiative, lights are dimmed at the airport terminals during off-peak hours with motion sensors and preference given to natural lighting. The airport will also increase its use of recycled water from 55% to 58% and use recycled rainwater to irrigate plants, and NEWater for airport fire-fighting, sanitation and cooling of air conditioning chillers

    So the next time you land up at the Changi Airport, be well aware that you’ve just stepped on to one of the greenest airports around.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on November 10, 2010