• Ceredigion’s solar powered farm, the Blaencamel Farm

  • Ceredigion’s-solar-powered-farm-1.jpg A farm in Ceredigion is literally making hay while the sun shines! The family-run Blaencamel Farm in Aberaeron is soaking in the sun’s heat, using the energy to power up most of its electrical needs. Using 39 solar panels set up on the barn, the farm will soon make use of solar irrigation. Also, an electric tractor is being chiselled into being at this farm house. With the solar panels, this farm has achieved near-self-sustainability, generating enough energy from the sun to fulfil almost 80% of its electricity needs. The 8.2 kilowatt solar system cost organic vegetable farmer Peter Seggers and his partner Anne Evans £30,000, an expenditure that’ll prove profitable in the long-run.

    A green place to grow some green beings for our personal consumption, this farm has sure used the sun’s rays in the right way!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on April 14, 2011