• Butterfly wings for solar energy

  • butterfly.jpg
    Scientists have discovered a very interesting form to derive solar energy. The inspired object is the butterfly wing. As is prevalent on the tiny wonders’ wings, it has tiny scales on the surface which act as solar collectors. Keeping this concept in mind, intelligent researchers in China and Japan have formulated a way to possibly derive solar energy, a way to harvest light. They are planning to work upon the dye-sensitized solar cells which are used in solar cells. So what some scientists did was, take a copy of the solar scales on butterfly wings and used them as a template on the dye-sensitized cell and they noticed that this one’s efficiency was much better than the original ones.

    These experiments have proven to be helpful as this method helped create economical and efficient solar cells which will in turn help convert solar energy into electricity. Hence proved that all beautiful things needn’t be just eye candy.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 10, 2009