• BrightSource Energy uses molten salts to generate energy at solar plants when the sun goes down

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    Molten salt energy storage systems seem to be catching on pretty quickly these days. These seem to be the answer to power supply problems grids connected to solar-soakers face during the night time and during darker hours. Now, BrightSource Energy too is turning toward molten salt energy storage systems for heat-driven solar power plants with which, solar power plants can feed grids with renewable energy even when the sun goes home. Using steam from a field of mirrors called heliostats, all focused on a tower, which is then used for a conventional turbine to generate energy, BrightSource seems pretty confident of its plans.
    Using molten salts, the heat generated in the tower is stored in large tanks and is then used during the night time to generate renewable energy! A seemingly practical way to generate renewable energy round the clock, technology like this is forever welcomed with arms wide open.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 5, 2011