• Boundary Dam project is the world’s first clean coal-fired power plant

  • Boundary-Dam-for-webJust when we’d thought ‘clean coal’ was a paradox penned by a cheeky copywriter, Boundary Dam project encouraged us to look closer at what a phrase like this could actually mean! Located in Saskatchewan, this is the world’s first commercial coal-fired power plant that captures its carbon dioxide emissions! By doing this, the project aims to capture and sell around 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, annually.

    The carbon dioxide will be sold to oil company Cenovus Energy and will be used to flush out oil reserves. The technology being used for this, called carbon-dioxide capture and storage (CCS), will cost the Boundary Dam a total of $1.2 billion. We hope more coal-fired power-plants around the world are inspired by the Boundary Dam project’s lead and switch to CCS technology to keep unneeded carbon dioxide from reeking into the atmosphere.

    [Via – Nature]

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on October 6, 2014