• Boeing develops solar cells with 39.2% conversion efficiency

  • Boeing.jpgBoeing has done it again! The company known for constructing those colossal airplanes has achieved yet another mighty feat, the development of high-efficiency C3MJ+ solar cells with an astounding conversion efficiency of 39.2% of sunlight into electricity. Developed by Spectrolab, Boeing’s own subsidiary, these cells have broken previous efficiency records and are here with the hope of reaching across the globe, powering up using juice from the sun. The company currently supplies solar panels to around 60% of those satellites busy orbiting the earth. These single-crystal germanium substrate cells are meant for terrestrial energy production and Boeing hopes to produce millions of these soon.

    We’d sure like to see more of these solar cells around and up on our roofs too, energizing our lives with solar power. Good going Boeing!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on November 24, 2010