• Bluescope introduces world’s first solar roof with heat and power

  • Bluescope solar roof with heat and power
    Sydney is now host to the world’s very first building to leverage solar energy to harness heating and electricity form the same source. Thin solar PV and solar thermal technologies have been combined in an array that doubles up as a roofing solution. The Australian steel manufacturer Bluescope made this possible thanks to their alliance with Australian Renewal Energy Agency. “Today we are witnessing an exciting new technology solution moving from the lab to be prototyped on everyday Australian rooftops for the first time,” explains Ivor Frischknecht, CEO of ARENA. “The old corrugated steel roof on this house in Glebe has been completely replaced with the first integrated photovoltaic (PV) thermal system in Australia, generating reliable renewable energy for the residents. A tile roof in the Illawarra region has also been replaced with the integrated PV system, demonstrating its versatility. In addition to PV panels, an innovative thermal duct system warms and cools air to supplement air conditioning in the homes. These first installations are an important step as the technology moves towards commercialisation and cost competitiveness with conventional rooftop PV.”

    Imagine the avenues for renewable energy that could open up with this technology. Each home would be self-sustainable and power generation could be cleaner and more practical.

    [Via – Reneweconomy]

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