• Bladeless wind turbines for cheaper energy production costs and more efficiency

  • bladeless-wind-turbine.jpg
    A bladeless wind turbine may seem ridiculous, like a car with no wheels, but a firm known has Solar Aero have developed some of these that generate power, as cheap as a coal power plant. Inspired by Tesla, these wind turbines use an array of closely spaced, parallel, thin metal disks separated by spaces and with wind flowing into them initiate an inward momentum of air which enables the turbine’s disks to move.

    A central shaft connects these disks using spokes. This causes the shaft to rotate along with the disks. This turbine is designed to provide maximum efficiency in energy conversion. Energy production costs will amount to $1.50/watt, around 2/3rd the cost as compared to a bladed turbine. This technology will help the wind energy industry get its well deserved push upwards.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on May 7, 2010